Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Timegate 09

Three days until Timegate. I am a big fan of this convention. Its small, and you can actually meet people. Doesn't mean I will but the chance is there. You see time gate is what I call a focused convention. It focuses on two of fandoms: Doctor Who and Stargate. I find that there is a good overlap in the fans of these two franchises. It is a very friendly convention people like to talk to you (guests and other attendees alike) its small and it is generally just a really good time.

This year Terrance Dicks is going to be there and for me that is exciting. As a child I saw Terrance's name on so many doctor who books and episodes there was a time that I thought he was the one who created doctor who, now while I know he didn't create doctor who I do know that he helped shape the franchise and much of what we have today is because of him or at least because of his involvement. We can thank him for most of the things that came out of the Pertwee era due to his involvement as script editor. Though he didn't create monsters like the Sontarans outright, he did have a hand in their creation. Later he would go on to write a few stories for the show including Robot, Horror of Fang Rock, and later the Five Doctors. Sometimes his stories were not the best but you knew you were watching doctor who when you watched them.

If you never caught His name on the TV show you were pretty sure to catch a peak of it if you saw the Target novelisations of the stories. Terrance wrote a large number of these books. The scripts he wrote as well as scripts he didn't write. For me his name belongs with doctor who, and I am very excited about meeting him. I have questions to ask him, about stories and style, as well as about just working on the program, and his thoughts and memories about that. This is another one of my childhood fanboy dreams.

Of course Tarrence Dicks isn't the only guest of interest for me at this con. Marry Tamm who played Romanna 1 in the key to time series will also be there. She is another character that is fascinating to me. She portrayed the first gallifreyan companion. She was elegant, and always tried to undermine the doctor's hands on knowledge as opposed to her book smarts, in the end the Doctor's Experience usually won through. Though I alwayspreferred Lalla Ward as Ramona Marry Tamm is still Ramona and I am excited to meet her.

All in all I expect the con to be a very good time. I am looking froward to meeting friends (new and old) and just generally being around people who have this shared fandom. Cons for me is a time to be around people who are, in some ways, like me. And it is always good to have that from time to time.

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