Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doctor WhoTarget Novel Cover Gallary

A great legacy of Doctor Who through the last 45 or so years has been Doctor who novelizations. In those years there has been some very good book covers. In this post I want to mention show some of the interesting covers from some of the episode novelizations.

Sometimes they just got things wrong. In this first doctor Adventure, Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, is presented on the cover.

This is an early Chris Achilleos cover of the first appearance of the Dalek’s

Some of the covers are just very evocative.

One of my favorite stories.

The Achilleos covers are some of my favorites.

Although sometimes he did not hit the faces perfectly.

This isn’t the right Cyber Head!

Imagine the silver bit being shiny!

This actually looks better than what appeared on the actual story!

There are some very interesting Target covers, and you can look at many more of them at Tardis.Wikia, where I got these images, take a look and enjoy the look at all of the different art that defined a generation or people who were unable to see some of the TV episodes that these books were based on!

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