Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The League: Nightmares from the cold war

This weeks challenge from the league is "What a Nightmare."  I have delved back into a dream that still haunts me from when I was little kid

I usually don't have dreams, and nightmares even less.  I do however have a vivid memory of a nightmare I had a kid, about 5.  The odd thing is that I recall having the dream twice.

Its's strange because it is a dream that was so in line with the times.  This would have been in the early 80s toward the end of the cold war (to give you some perspective)  I was somewhere between 4 and 5 years old and, like now, didn't pay too much attention to current events!  I was much more happy playing with my toys.

The dream horrified me.  I was in my house with my mom and my grand mother.  I looked out the window and saw tanks and infantry turning into my drive way.  My mom and grandmother freaked out and grabbed me and ran out into the woods behind our house and told me to be very quiet, and then we hid.  All I knew was that the Russians had invaded.

That was it.  To this day I haven't figured out what triggered the dream.  I'm sure it was based on conversations of my grandparents and my parents or other grown ups.  I hadn't seen red dawn so that wasn't it.  It is interesting to me because it seems that my young mind just soaked up the current events of the time and created into a horror story and made me dream about it.

To this day that kind of hopeless feeling of capture/invasion horrifies me.

 So what are your thoughts?  What is a nightmare you have had?  Leave some comments, and feel free to psychoanalyze my 5 year old self!

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  1. Don't worry Ashley. Once, when I was 6 or 7, I read an article in a tabloid newspaper saying the world was going to end on a certain date because the Russians were going to nuke us. Imagine being that age and thinking every day, that it was going to be the day that you died.

    Yep, I coulda used some therapy.