Monday, December 23, 2013

Introducing Quinton Harrison the Man From Earth

I've been giving cryptic messages about a secret project for the last few months.  Well, it is time to make it real!  This weekend I launched a comic called Quinton Harrison the Man from Earth.  I have been working on the world and the character for the about 12 years now.  I never exactly knew what to do with him and then after getting back into comics a bit decided to try my hand at making a comic!

Quinton is kind of a love letter to all of the adventure stories I grew up on.  Star Wars, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, James Bond, all of these influences are there!  I have been partaking in these stories all of my life and decided it was time to throw my action hero into the mix.  With a bit of action hero, throw in a little space opera, and add a pinch of 60s and 70s camp TV and you have the universe of Quinton Harrison.

The biggest challenge was that I had to learn all of this.  While I have fiddled around with sketching and drawing I do cont consider myself an artist, but I really had no one else to fall back on so I decided to do the first few stories on my own.  I spent time learning techniques and the best way to draw things to be manipulated in photoshop later.  I have a stack of books and list of websites that have been incredibly helpful through the process of getting me up to speed.  That said I stand by what I said, I am not an artist and I have no misconceptions that the art is fantastic   Its not.  But at the same time I am proud of it, and I am equally as proud of where it has gone to for the first proper issue.

None of this would have happened however if it wasn't for an old High School friend that I got back in touch with.  He is the one that made this happen.  He took my ideas and made them make sense.  He made sure I got things done and he helped me see my ideas through.  I owe a lot of this to him.

Quinton Harrison the Man From Earth has launched over at you can go there and see the five page prologue issue.  We are in the process of finishing the first full length issue which will be available in print as well as online!  We are taking these issue by issue so we hope to begin to get on a more regular schedule, but until we do we hope to have information for you in the mean time!

Now that the cat is out of the bag I will begin posting some sketches and images that are relevant to the comic as well.  Of course you can also be sure to find my discourse on fandom as I typically do as I get time to do it.    

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  1. Merry Christmas Ashley and am looking forward to reading these comics.