Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fandom in a different time of my life

Usually when I refer to fandom I am meaning "Nerd Culture". . . Star Wars. . . Doctor Who . . . etc. . . But when I was younger - I'm talking about 10 years ago- I was more into subcultures than fandom. I was into the music scene. I listened to music played music. . . I think it was safe to say I breathed music. . . If I didn't have my tunes I was useless. I wore a chain on my wallet, and like my music loud.

Now I don't understand. I think I was making a statement. Maybe I've just gotten old. I think that's a just thought. Today I saw a girl walking through campus she was in the scene (not the scene I was in mind you but a scene none the less. . . I could tell. She was against the status quo just like I was. . . She wore bright red puffy converse style converse that screamed look at me. Now I appriciate this, like I said this was me 10 years ago and I've become a fudy dud (yes I did just say that) I'm cool with that, I have nothing left to prove I feel I've paid my dues to the rebels of the world.

Now that said, I still like to walk to my own drummers beat. I still have ways to show my oddness I just don't desire to do it in such obvious ways. I try to make my fandoms speak for me. :)

Now that I've said that I would like to say that I had a great time when I was younger. It was great fun listening to music and playing in the bands I played it. . . not to mention the friends I made and still have. I regret nothing but it is funny to think of myself then. . . sometimes I miss it.

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