Monday, April 16, 2012

Flea Market Finds 1

This weekend brought the chance to hit up some Flea Markets!  I haven't had a lot of opportunity to do that of late, so it was fun to get to do that. 

It started by going to pick up a collection from a guy I had met.  But of course that is another story, but it did lead to going to flea markets.  The first one we stopped at was a bust, but then on our way home we stopped into one that we usually don't find much at.

We stopped and I found some interesting oddities.

Big Jim Coloring book:
 This was kind of an oddity that I just had to pick up.  Big Jim Stuff has always eluded me so when I find stuff I pick it up.

 Then I found some construx!  I had lots of these when I was a kid. Don't see many of them any more.

I found this Huggabunch for my wife, I figured for the 3$ I spent on it I could at least make that back by selling it at a show!  

These Dolls are so creepy with their eyes that look at you!

The next day I convinced my wife to go to another flea market with me, I continued my weekend of some good finds.

Got this Mantenna Staction for 10$ I am always looking for these guys so it was fun to get a hold of one.
 Finished my vintage stake men with Squeeeeeze and got the giant Krang body for resale 
Picked up a few comics in the 50 cent box! 

    This was the piece I am most proud of.  I don't typically do mego stuff, and this is not in great condition, but It was such a good price I couldn't pass it up! 

Some interesting finds I am pretty excited.  and I really didn't pay that much for this stuff.


  1. Krang's Android Body! One of my favorite toys of all time.

    1. Tommy, yes I always wanted that Krang and never got a hold of it! now I have it!

  2. Some excellent finds Ashley! And i agree that Huggabunch doll is kind of creepy lol.

    1. jboy, Your right it is darn creepy!

    2. Those eyes stare right into you. : D

    3. Yeah they do! I have it on my shelf and it is hard to concentrate while it is looking at me :) btw jboy I sent you an e-mail.