Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Its another week and that means another League assignment.  this week somehow I was an inspiration for the topic, so I'm glad I could help Brian over at Cool & Collected out.

This weeks topic:
We all collect something. What is a holy grail item you hope to find at a flea market, toy show, or comic convention? What else do you collect?

the Holy Grail question is one I am asked often and therefore think about it from time to time.  It's different than what it would have been a few years ago (heck I have some of the "grails" that would have been on the list a few years ago.)  My Masters of the Universe Collection is the collection I have been focusing on for a while now, so I suspect the holy grail would be for that collection.  In terms of items I think I could actually get a hold of I would say it would be the Eternia play set.

This image comes from x-entertainment

To tell you the truth  until recently I was only vaguely aware that this playset existed.  I really don't remember even knowing about it as a kid.  Of course back then you relied on TV commercials (which I don't think one was made for) and "wish books"  (honestly not sure how I missed it there.)  I do think this would have come out when I was living in Florida for the one year I was there, or just after when I moved back.  so that could be the reason as well.  Also It was about this time in my young life where I was gaining interest in other toy lines and spending less time with Masters, so lots of potential causes for that.   

Within the Masters line, there are some bits that I have admitted defeat on, those being the Italian releases such as Megator, Tytus, and laser light He-man and skeletor.  I don't think I will ever see those pieces, and to be honest I am OK with that.

One of the things with being a vendor at shows, is that you never know what you are going to come into.  and you can make your collecting self sufficient.  You can make money that can go right back into collecting and your able to buy things you may not have thought you could get a hold of.  So it is a possibility to find OR trade, for those holy grails.  To be honest that is one of the reasons I got into buying and selling.

The fun thing is to be able to help someone find their holy grail!  It is always fun to see them find it and you be able to help them with it.  On the other hand as a kid from the 80s who grew up with toys, it is hard to let go of some of those cool items that you come across.  I see lots of things I had/wanted as a kid.  

I recently got a hold of  a transformers lot.  It had some really nice pieces in it.  Pieces that a long time ago would have been THE holy grail for me, and they will be hard to let go of.  I'll talk more about that in  other posts, but it is something I think about when thinking of Holy Grails.

As for other things I collect.  I love all things 80s.  I find myself collecting many different lines from my childhood.  Mostly things that I didn't ever get a hold of as a kid.  I have really been focusing on the Wheeled Warriors.  Its a line I really like, so if I run across any of those I pick them up.   

One of my largest collections is my Doctor Who Collection!  I have been playing in that collection for years.  It started with me getting anything I could find about Doctor Who, because they were so rare in the US.  SO books, VHS, DVDs CDs, toys, comics, whatever I could find I picked up.  I have LOTS of doctor who stuff, and it is important to me, so it all stays with me.  Some of it not too valuable but it is to me just for the amount of time that I have put into the collection.   

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  1. Oh man, I wish I had known you a few months ago, Ashley. I actually got an Eternia set in the box and ended up selling it on eBay. I would much rather have sent it your way, knowing how big of a collector you are. It was fun to have for a little while, but the set is enormous, and I could never have something that size in my collection. If it can't fit on a shelf, it usually won't last long around here. ;)

  2. Oh man, why do you tell me things like that. :) But I am the same way. To be honest I can't display the things I have much less something else, more than likely I will get it in hopes of one way being able to display it!

  3. That looks awesome! I really wish I hadn't missed the boat on He-Man. I think it was just a little bit before my time.

  4. Tommy, Masters for me is my childhood. There were some great stories to be told with those toys. To this day I think they were some of the most evocative toys around. If you are at a show spend some time and look at the he-man stuff it is a lot different in person than it is in a picture. Take some time and pick up a few figures if you get a chance. If nothing else just have them to set up somewhere! :)

  5. That would be such a sweet thing to find for your collection Ashley and something now i will keep my eyes out for you because you never know when it could turn it. : )

  6. Eternia playset is always a crowd pleaser, two particular toys that got away from me where my castle greyskull and snake mountain playsets I had in my attic. Went looking for them this year, gone without a trace....(as well as a mint ecto-1 and a near complete AT-AT *got that one back*) thinking a cousin with stickey fingers grabbed them in my college days.

  7. got one on ebay right now in original box, never assembled in original bags and brackets complete, check my listing ID:llcoolyea