Thursday, September 29, 2011

Doctor Who Confidential Canceled and How to Fix It

Doctor Who Confidential has been canceled. the official reason is sited as financial issues, using it as a cost cutting option. In my opinion this should have happened a long time ago . . . At least in terms of what it currently is.

I have been with Doctor who for a long time, and the behind the scenes stuff has always my favorite bits, but I haven't watched confidential since season 2. It just hasn't appealed to me, mainly because by the time it is on the screen I have already consumed this information. Though they are very good at keeping spoilers out of the public and off of the internet, a lot of the information that confidential reports are things that come out in interviews and set pics leading up to the particular episode. They have always made much better DVD extras.

Here is my suggestion. Make it a web series. The format would work on the web, actually it would work very well. You could do less video and make it a weekly feature. It could contain written information with video put in to support the text. With this format you could spread out the release of information across the week that the episode airs. Revealing bits and piece, interviews with actors and producers, etc. . . It would be two fold, informative for those of us who like behind the scenes stuff, but also it could act as publicity material.

These are just my thoughts what do you guys think?

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