Friday, October 7, 2011

The Evocative Cover Art of Jack Kirby's Kamandi

In the Early 70s DC tried to get the license from for Planet of the Apes, but was unsuccessful. Of course that didn't Dampen their spirits, they just turned to Jack Kirby and ask him to create something similar. Kirby hadn't seen the movies but was familiar with the concept. He had written other stories similar to Planet of the Apes predating even the novelization of the story.

So Kirby created Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth. A series with vivid imagery of a post apocalyptic earth ruled by sentient animals. I find that the covers of this series is some of the most evocative imagery I have ever seen in comics. The covers tell a story. Here are some of my favorites.

(Images come from The Cover Browser you can find more comic book covers there as well)
Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 4

Issue 8

Issue 12 unfinished and finished Cover
(found at

Issue 15
Issue 19
Issue 27

Issue 29
Issue 31

Issue 36
Take some time and explore other great Kamandi Covers at the Cover Browser

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