Friday, October 14, 2011

UNIT-E from Hasbro And What it could be!

At NYCC this weekend there have been sightings of a poster bolstering UNIT-E from Hasbro. On the poster is a plethora of properties owned by the toy company. These Lines include, M.A.S.K, Jem, Action Man, Micronauts, Stretch Armstrong, Candy Land, and Battleship. There is also a new property that I am not familiar with "Primordia."

There has been speculation from months that Hasbro was doing something exciting with some of these older brands. But no one knew what it was. In august some even discovered that Hasbro got the rights to the name UNIT - E. So it has been speculated for some time, but now there is a little more information about it, and I suspect we will continue to get information through out the weekend.

this could turn out to be some very big news for toy fans.

Check out the poster and news at these sites:

And here is a forum post following the history of this project:

Now for My take and some friendly speculation.
There is some thought that hasbro is unleashing a shared universe between these properties. Some are speculating Transformers and GI Joe included in this as well.

this would be cool, and MASK, Action man, battleship, Micronauts, and maybe Stretch Armstrong could really work well in that universe. Then you have Candy land, and Jem. Which doesn't quite fit the bill.

What I find interesting is what is left off the list. Inhumanoids and Visionaries are two very good lines that did not make the list. That said we still don't know what Primordia is, and based on the image, I wouldn't doubt if it is somehow related to Inhumanoids, it wouldn't surprise me.

Some are speculating that it is a toy story/night at the museum like movie where toys come to life at night. Could be, so if they are toys for toys sake. . . Perhaps.

Unit-E could be any number of things, and it is going to be interesting to see what they do. I am excited about where it can and will go!

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