Monday, October 10, 2011

Mad Matty Monday Sale

Today is the second Mad Matty Monday sale from In this sale Mattel bundles up to 3 mystery items in a box and sends them to you. you pay $40. The Items are guaranteed to have a $40 value, but more likely it will be much higher. There are three brand options. Masters of the Universe Classics, Ghost Busters, or DC Universe. Just select your brand and then get your items.

The reports from the last sale were pretty good, In the Masters sets most people got an oversized figure like Tytus which has a $40 price tag to begin with, a regular figure and some sort of accessory product. That comes out to about 75$ worth of product.

So, if your interested in one of these brands and you either want to get a good deal, or perhaps you are just looking for a good way to start collecting these figures you may take a look at this Mad Matty Monday sale!

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