Friday, November 4, 2011

Toy and Comic Shows, a good stop gap for the cons!

I love conventions. These are great big events where you can meet people with similar interest. If you look hard enough you will find the perfect con for you. Probably near you. Go and check it out. Conventions are every where now. But what is becoming a lost art, so to speak, is the small local show.

These shows are what really tide me over between the big events. the shows are the place for the collectors. where you can go and look for comics and toys and other Nerdy things that you might be into or are looking for. always a good place to finish off a collection.

This Saturday is the Knoxville Comic and toy show. This show turns up three times a year and is one of my favorite events. It is small and local, but I always walk away finding something I am looking for. If your into Star Wars or Lego or Masters of the Universe or any number of other toys or comics you can find something there for your collection.

At just 2$ to get in it is well worth the time to go and look around even if you live a little further away but within driving distance, you should try it out it will be worth your time!

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