Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tour De Nerdfighting!

I love the Internet.  I love what it can do.  I love that independent creators can create content and grow that content.  That meaningful communities can develop among these personalities.  This weekend I was able to go to the "Tour de Nerdfighting" stop in Decatur Ga.  at Agnes Scott College, and participate in one of these communities

Nerdfigteria is the community that developed around Hank and John Green, who, on youtube are know as the Vlogbrothers.  Nerdfighteria has raised thousands of dollars for for needs worldwide.  They encourage people to be themselves.  Out of their community so many creative content makers have evolved.  

At face value The Tour De Nerdfighting 2012 is really John Green’s book tour for his newest release “The Fault in our Stars.”  Of course on the inside it is so much more.  Both vlogbrothers have gotten on a bus and  are touring the country with a show that is fantastic.  You get to hear john read from his books, you get to ask questions, You get to hear Hank play songs and even see some of the shticks like “Hank Sock,” But just as importantly you get to interact with the community.  The Nerdfighters are a ravenous group of people who follow hank and John Green and make up the aforementioned nerdfighteria.  The community is interesting in that every one is a friend regardless if you have met before or not.  going to a nerdfighter event is surreal in a way.  Every one greeting one another with the Nerdfighter Creed “DFTBA” (Don’t forget to be awesome.)  

Of course on this tour you also have the chance to take part in that nerdfighter giving by donating to the “This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation” which is a charity that helps families of terminally ill children.  This is such an important part of the community.  This community is why the internet is so important.  This is the good that the internet can do!  It can bring like minded people with no voice together into one semi organized community.  It is an amazing place.

so as They say in Nerdfighteria “Don’t forget to be Awesome!”     

Here are some pictures of the event.  Not great quality, but Its from an Iphone  from the balcony!


Hank Sock introducing John Green 

John and Hank

John Reading

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