Monday, January 2, 2012

Clearing out my life

For me cleaning a room has always been an adventure. As a kid I would go in to clean my room and I rarely ever finished because I would find something that took my mind away from the task at hand. My mind would flutter off with a toy that I forgot I had or a comic book that I never finished reading. ADD can be given a lot of the credit for this!

This is something that still haunts me though, rooms full of my life often get cluttered and I am the only one that can go in. But I get lost. Of course, when I am successful I come out better for it. I begin to be productive again. I find a lot that I realize I don’t need anyway and am able to give it to people that would use it or I can try to get rid of it. and I also find some jewels that got lost between the cracks. Those are the best part of cleaning up.

I am currently writing this from a desk that 3 days ago I couldn't really access, so, I would say my most recent venture had been a success. I say all of this now on the second day of 2012 to say that a goal is to be more productive with projects such as video blogs and this blog. Every year for the past three years I have made some kind of goal and I have failed at my specific goal. This year I am not creating a specific goal, but instead a general “DO more”. Hopefully this cleaning and decluttering myself is a first step in this. I am taking a proactive stance at it this time.

So no more promises of “I’ll post about this soon” instead I am just going to do it. I am starting on this day and hopefully I will force myself to be more productive simply by being more productive. We’ll see how it works out.

Here’s to everyone’s new ventures in 2012!

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  1. One mans trash is another mans treasure :) Thanks so much!