Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Discovering Yourself in "Paper Towns"

In preparation for John Green’s new book, “A Fault in Our Stars” , which comes out today, I have listened to “Paper Towns” on audio.  John Green has a flair for describing high school.  His imagery put be back 12 years to those heady days of sitting outside band rooms and making out in mini vans.  Paper Towns is a great example of how well he understands the Psyche of the high school senior.

“Paper Towns” pulls you into a world of high school ignorance, where kids are learning to be themselves.  Some of them only want the thrill having a girl friend while others are spending their time cheating on their current girlfriend in favor of a new one.  this may be teen fiction but John Green pulls no punches with what it is like to be a teenager.

The real thing that “Paper Towns” does is insight a feeling of discovery for the reader.  A discovery of ones self.  A feeling that there is more to ones self.  This is what Margo alludes to, and what our narrator  Quinton finds he is looking for too.  They try to discover themselves.

this book transports me back to high school.  I liked being invisible to some extent back then.  I had a posse of friends that were self proclaimed nerds and most of us were in band at one time or another.  We believed in one thing in those heady days, and that was each other.  That friendship was the most important thing.  And the adventures that Quinton and his friends had in this books strikes a chord with me.

If your looking for something to read that may be a little different than you are used to, give “Paper Towns” a look or any other John Green book a read.  If you are old like me and want to remember those heady teenage years take a look!  Its worth your time!     

In the mean time listen to John Green read from the pro log of the book:

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