Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: Go ahead and laugh

Yesterday I had the chance to listen to the Nerd Lunch Podcast and they were talking about those guilty pleasures that we all have.  You know, those things you love but are slightly ashamed to admit.  You know you have them!  The conversation on the pod cast got me thinking about this for myself and I realized I had some pretty embarrassing answers!

So I figured I would diverge some of this embarrassing information so you can all think slightly less of me!

You see I like (SOME OF) those teeny bopper CWesq dramas.  Yes I complain about my wife watching them, but then at a I get sucked in.  First let me talk about the show about talking "The Gilmore Girls"

Gilmore Girls!
Yes I said it I like the Gilmore Girls at the time it was one of the wittiest shows on American TV (I say american because it was up against Doctor Who for some of it's run)  and though it jumped the shark more than once through it's 7 season run it maintained semi believable characters going through semi real life situations.  The pop Culture references, alone were fantastic.

I think the thing that drew me to this show is that I knew people like Rory and the other characters!  I had went to school with them.  The high school  philosophers who watched things like Joseph Campbell's the "Power of Myth" for fun.  They were real.  The relationships were complicated and important in this show as well.  Enemies morphed into friends, maturity was something that really developed and shown through the course of the series.

Put all of those things together with a cast of great actors and actresses, and a great soundtrack and it really did make TV gold.  Every line of Dialogue was important.  You literally go on a journey when you watch this show.  So though it doesn't have laser guns it is a guilty pleasure that I will proudly say I got into!

So yeah!  I like the Gilmore Girls There. . . I said it!

Of Course this is old news!  This show has been finished for over 5 years!  so what more recently has been feeling this guilty pleasure niche for me?  Well Netflix is really to blame for a lot of the ridiculous things I have seen lately.  My wife will start something and as I crawl to the bed after a long night of pod casting or video making I catch it and it sucks me in!  there have been a few Army Wives being one, but that is not the one that really sucked me in.  More recently we have found a show called Pretty Little Liars.  Yeah. . . you heard  me.  This is a show that is part high school Drama, Part mystery, part coming of age story, part psycho killer story.

Gilmore Girls
To be fair this show is not up to the caliber that The Gilmore Girls was up to.  There are lots of things that don't make sense at all! Lots of plot holes, but I feel they are easily overlooked.  It is mindless drama that sucks you into the unrealistic life of these teenagers who are being stalked by someone who knows their every move.

The show is based on a series of books by the same name.  It deals with  a lot of  issues such as: Gay and Lesbian themes,  Student/teacher relationships and there is even a kid who is in a fight club!  There are complicated relationships between family member and neighbors in this small town that they all live in.

It's a good show.  Once again no laser guns but for some reason it just sucks you in.

So, those are a few of  my guilty pleasures!  What are yours?  Let me know!          

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