Friday, August 3, 2012

The League: Roadtrip HWY 127

Though the League has been calling for a few weeks I have been taking a break so I have missed some very good oporitunities to post.  I have to say I had such a  good streak going but alas I broke it.  This week, though I am not on my regular schedule, I am back to see if I can plot my ultimate pop culture rod trip.

Actually this is something that I can talk about because I am going on a similar sort of trip this weekend.  It is no secret that myself and many of the other league members love a good yardsale.  So I would say the ultimate rd trip would be exploring the 690 miles of the HWY 127 yardsale.  This event happens every year on the first weekend of August and is basically plotted for you!  The question would be WHY would you not go!

Now while not your traditional pop culture road trip there are plenty of options to find lots of popculture on your way.  Its more of a pop cultury treasure hunty road trip!

Every year I go and experience the more local side of this yard sale (about an hour drive and a time zone over from me) and I spend a day catching about 50 miles of the yard sale.  Its always a good time and every year I say "Next year I am going to go up the whole thing!" and every year that doesn't happen.

This sale is like the wonderland . . . or perhaps OZ of yardsales.  you never know what to expect.  The part that I come in on is actually kind of small.  there are a few sales set up with people going through.  Then you hit the mother load.  there is a bend in the rd and it is like a nonstop flea market as far as the eye can see.  Cars jumbled on the side of the rd as people dodge cars in order to find the next great find!  It is chaos and bliss all at the same time. 

The problem with such a sale is you literally never know what you will find.  it could be a bust or you could hit the mother load.  it is a chance you take and in the end you will probably be rewarded.  You will be most successful if you can take lots of money.  I know that sounds ridiculous but it is true the more capital you have the more bargaining power you have.  Last year I lost out on some very good reasonable priced lots because I did not bring enough money with me.  since I have been buying and selling I have a bit more now.  So hopefully it will help me get some deals. 

So once again, this weekend, I will be making my ONE DAY trek on this magical rd and in the end I will say "Next year I will do all of it."  So wish me luck as I head out on what I hope will be a magical popculture rd trip!       

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