Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life With Fandom Updates and welcomes!

It has been an incredibly long time since I have updated the blog.  I have found myself working on a project (which should eventually be for the blog) that has taken me a lot longer to get finished than I thought it would, but on the bright side it is indeed coming along, so look for that in the upcoming weeks (hopefully).

In the meantime I want to let you all know about some changes that are coming to Life With Fandom.  Since the very beginning of the blog I have always wanted it to be about more than just me.  It started out about my life in Doctor Who fandom, and then evolved into a toy and 80s nostalgia blog.  All of these are things I love and am deeply involved in.  That, however still hasn't really scratched the surface of what I wanted to do.  I wanted to include others.  I wanted Life With Fandom to be many people's lives with fandom.  I wanted to document things people like!  I am able to say I am doing that.

It will be a slow rollout but Life with Fandom is growing.  There will be more than just me writing on the blog.  To begin with we are adding Brad and Stacy Rader, the creator of Battle Babies and the Geekyvixen herself.  They will begin posting pictures and blog posts here on Life with Fandom as we begin to join forces and build the next version of the site.  Other posters are also ready to come on board and will be introduced soon.

We are also planning on expanding even more and we are going to be jumping into podcasts etc.  The videos from New Monster will continue and will continue to be featured here, and of course my new project will be brought to you here soon too.  So I hope I can actually live up to these promises this time.

Hopefully you will hear from us all more often and soon!  So be sure to welcome our first new contributors to the site!



  1. Welcome back Ashley you were missed buddy and hello to Brad,Stacy and the Geeky Vixen. Am looking forward to seeing on the new content for the blog. : )

  2. Looking forward to the next level!