Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The League: Social Media

The League has called and this time I am stumped.  This week the League has asked us to take a look at what the social media of a fictional character would look like.  It's a great opportunity for a character study, but who to study. . . this is going to be one of those stream of consciousness posts. . . I can already feel it.

I keep coming back to the world of Eternia, and the most interesting to me would be Skeletor mainly because I think he would just use it to flame other characters.  And it would look something like this:

He-man is a mussel bound Nincompoop.

   - He-man
            Skeletor, If you can't say nothing good. . . 

   - Prince Adam,
             He-man Hey I know that one, my mother used to tell me that . .           . Don't say anything at all ; )

Others on eternia would just say what they are doing

Orko - Trying a new spell.

Orko -  Ooops it blew up in Man-at-arm's face. . . again

Man-At- Arms  ORKO!

So in a way I don't think it would be much different than their dialogue is already.

What I would be curious to see is what the 80's cartoonsphear of social media would be like.  If all of the characters from different franchises communicated.

I would imagine that There would be a lot of fighting in that.  So you would have all of the villains trying to be the most villainous, and things like that.

I would imagine that there would also be a lot of franchise fighting.  the Transformers would be fighting with the go-bots, and MASK would be fighting with G.I Joe.  But there would also be groups.  you would have Leader Groups where all of the leaders could get together and talk about the burdens of being a leader.  I would love to see Leader - 1 and Optimus prime in some of these social media conversations.

There would also be barbarian groups with Thundar, and He-man and any number of other fantasy characters.  But I would also imagine there would be advocacy groups where the characters could share their public service announcements!      

What do you think, what fictional social media conversations would you love to see!

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  1. Good Job!! This was a tough assignment ! I think if Thundarr and He-Man went at it, Thundarr would drive him over the edge :)

    1. It was tough! I didn't even know where to start!

  2. The last point opens a whole new awesome take on it.

    I def could see the Real Ghostbusters in-fighting with the Filmation Ghostbusters... like a Prime-evil vs. Samhain grudgematch.

    I also could imagine like a henchmen's union...Starscream, Beastman, Rocksteady and Destro demanding manager's salary and like foot soldiers and crimson guards and stormtroopers fighting for workmen's comp and holiday pay. haha.

    1. I like the henchman's union, would love to read those conversations!

  3. I'm stuck on 3 of the characters - the bear like creature in the upper left, the breakdancing guy in black and the guy with his arm around she-ra. Can anyone identify?

  4. I believe The breakdancing guy is snake eyes. the guy with arm around she-Ra is Lando Calirision (star Wars) and I'm unsure about the bear myself. maybe battle beasts but I don't think so.

    1. YES! Snake eyes and Lando. Thank you!! The bear isn't from Battle beasts, I had checked that already. I KNOW I've seen him before...I will keep hunting.