Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life with Fandom: State of the Blog

Back in January and then again in March I pledged to use this blog more.  To write regularly on it.  Strangely I have done that.  I have gotten lucky to find the League of Extraordinary Bloggers and to have communicated with some great people involved in that.  I have discovered some great blogs, and have really been encouraged by the communities that exist within each of these blogs.

I make no mistake of thinking I am a great writer.  Far from it.  I am very pointed and have problems with remembering to add an adjective in every once in a while, but alas that is one of the reasons I have jumped into this blog.  I have made it a goal to post something every weekday and I have been pretty successful with that.  I feel like I have actually followed through on something, which is something I rarely do.  I want to say thank you for all of you guys who have been trudging through what I write and also for commenting.  I really appreciate that.

I say all of the above to get into some of the things I plan on doing in the near future.  First, as I have already established in a few posts it is show and con season.  I have been spending some time doing some promotional materials for Life With Fandom.  I want to promote the blog a bit, so I plan on rolling out a lot of promotional stuff at some cons I attend over the summer.  I have already gotten cards in and I have some buttons on their way as well, these will make their debut at Timegate this year, and later at Heroes (did I mention I am going to heroes,)  but if you would like to have a button or card let me know, I'll be glad to send you some of these! 

Also, as it turns out my mom runs a shirt printing shop, so I am going to have shirts made.  I do need a minimum order so if anyone would be interested in having a Life with Fandom shirt let me know.  They will be pretty inexpensive (around he 10$ mark) and I plan on selling them at cost at the moment to get some people wearing them.

The front of the life with fandom promo cards.

Now for some of the plans I have coming around the corner for the blog.  In the near future I hope to spend some time and do some reviews of comics, toys, and even rpgs.  I already do this on occasion but I hope to be doing a little more of that.  I also plan to get back into doing some videos.  I have a vintage toy video series called "Remember that Toy" that I hope to get going over the summer, and a few others that I am working on.  There is a contest I have been planning for some time as well, I even have the prize already so be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks as well.  Also keep an eye out for the new online toy store where I will be putting some vintage stuff up for sale on occasion.

On top of all of this New Monster is still working away on Collecting Nostalgia. We have a brand new episode in the can now, we hope to release it toward the end of May!

So a lot of plans but I hope that if I put this all up publicly I'll actually get to it.  All of this will be a slow roll out but keep your eyes peeled.

Once again, thanks to all of you guys who have been reading, I am so happy to to be doing this!


  1. Can't wait Ashley! Lots of great things ahead and i would love a card and a button if you have some spares. :)

  2. Thanks Jboy, I'll be glad to send you some of mt swag! :) its funny because I got all of this stuff made just before I decided to tweek my logo. . . but its not too different. :) So Luckily I didn't order too much of the current stuff. Also I haven't forgotten about you, sorry for the delay with stuff, I'll be with you soon.