Monday, May 14, 2012

Gearing up for HWY 11 Yard Sale!

This coming weekend is the Hwy 11 Yard Sale. Officially called Antique Ally, The yard sale stretches for more than 500 Miles.  Luckily, hwy 11 runs right down the center of my town and I plan on spending a couple of days this weekend scoping out the sales and sights. 

There truly is nothing like a long yard sale event.  People with space sell it and create little flea markets all up and down either side of the street.  These little flea markets are a lot of fun, but those are usually the professional traveling vendors that are set up there so the prices aren't usually quite a s good.  In my experience is, that if you are looking for toys, those little plastic nuggets of joy, you want to scope out the local yard sales.  The ones that are fund raisers, or the family yard sales.  Those are where the gold is.  People donating, and cleaning out, That is where I have found a lot of cool stuff!

So I am gearing up for that this weekend.  This past weekend I did a little pre-gaming if you will!  My brother and I spent a few hours on Friday going around to some yard sales to see if we could get lucky on anything.  Didn't find much, but we did find a few things.  Here is my haul.  payed 50 cents for all of the figures and payed $2.00 for the wooden blocks (not something I would usually get, but I had a purpose!)  (The baby if for my friend Brad, thought he could use it for battle babies!)

Not a great day, but I didn't come home empty handed.

Is anyone else planning on jumping into the HWY 11 yard sale.  It is well worth it if you are near by!

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  1. We have a "Guy's Trip" planned 2 weekends from now to hit up at lest 3 major Flea Markets here in Michigan and then at the start of next month we have a "Antique Show" which is more of a Flea Market Event that i normally hit up. Cash is limited but the fun isn't and i do get lucky at these sometimes and find some good stuff not only for myself but for others too on the cheap so we shall see. : )