Monday, May 21, 2012

HWY 11 Yard Sale Finds!

This last weekend was the annual HWY 11 yard sale known as the Antique Ally.  Every year there are all kinds of vendors selling antiques and my favorite JUNK!  Lots of Junk dealers.  I spent the good portion of the weekend going up and down the hwy seeing what I could find, and I found some good things.  I like to buy collections when I get a chance, and this weekend was no different, I bought in lots.  I do not have pictures of every thing I got, as some of it went with my brother, who vend with, but some of the more unique pieces I have put here for your observation.

I bought a lot of different stuff.  On top of all of this I picked up over 7 boxes of comics that I will be going through over the next few days.  

A few highlights: a vintage star wars collection, a mego penguin and the Remco Flying Dutchman.  Also a small collection of glow in the dark Repro Archer Space men.  even got a few things for free!

This one is for my collection.  I got this in a lot of He-man and various 80s toy stuff. 

I got this box full of dolls and play sets of a line from 1975 called Jody.  Don't know much about it but I only payed $5 so not too bad.

This is a 60s vintage Flying Dutchman by REMCO, I was interested in it because it looks like Bessie from Doctor Who.  Not sure if I am going to sell it or not.  but I might!  

I never pass up small figures especiallyKenner figures.  In this pack Of figures I got a bunch of air raiders and MASK figs.  got them all for $1.00

Here are the archer repro figs.  I have been talking to Brian over at cool and collected we can not find out much about them, but they are interesting! 

There are some highlights, there were a lot more loose stuff that I got that will go into our bins here and there.  I will try to post about some of that in the next few days!

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