Monday, July 9, 2012

Battle Babies!

I have talked on this blog several times about my friend Brad and his Battle Babies but I have yet to really show you anything about that.  That changes now.

Last weekend I went to to video the latest episode of Collecting Nostalgia, and the subjects happened to be Brad and Stacy Rader!  So while I was there I picked up a battle baby that had caught my eye back at heroes con!  Sometimes things just speak to you and you don't really know why.  This was one of those times.

Battle babies are a kind of art toy.  They are a mash up of babies, animals and other toy parts.  you could find parts on there from just about any toy line you can think of.  Masters of the universe, GI Joe, Transformers, X-men, the list goes on and on!  There is no telling what you will find on one of these guys.  Old toys, New toys. . . you name it you can find it.  It really says a lot for Brad and his eye for detail.  He sees things  when he looks at these individual pieces of plastic that I can't see.  He see's a finished product instead of pieces.  His eye is really why these things are so awesome! You can hand him a baby a few guns and a dinosaur and within minutes he has something put together that looks like It was meant to be together.

Lets take a look at MY battle baby!

This guy caught my eye at heroes con.  With bits from GI Joe, and bits from MOTU and other toy lines this grasshopper looks menacing with it's sword wielding antenna, and its wings and, my favorite part the Gatling gun legs.  

If you inspect the toy you can see that brad has seamlessly cut bits out and replaced them with other bits.  It is unreal when you pick this thing up because it looks as though it was meant to be like that!  It is amazing what super clue and a knife can do!

The baby itself is also menacing.  I mean, how could a sword toting baby not be menacing! The detail on these things are really fantastic!  The love and attention that Brad puts into each of these creations is very obvious!  Each one is hand crafted and tells a story to some extent!       

Take a look at the Battle Babies on etsy.  There will be new additions to the store soon so keep an eye out and find the Battle Baby that you need to adopt.  These things are awesome!

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  1. I was looking at some of these a few weeks back and there are some really cool looking ones i would not mind having on the desk or toy shelf.