Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Man's junk. . . Another's Nostalgia!

It's actually summer time but Brian over at Cool and Collected has been doing some spring cleaning and he has been showcasing some of the stuff he has had laying around over at his blog and letting people make offers on it.  In one of these posts something really caught my eye!

He had a Megavolt from Playmate's Darkwing Duck line that really took me back.  Readers of this blog are probably a little confused as to why a figure like this caught my eye . . . I'll get to that.  As soon as I saw that this was an item up for dibs I had to enquirer about it.  I did, and about 4 days later it was at my house along with some other interesting goodies that was packed in the box for me!

The box!

Megavolt with some of the incentives

one of the extras in the box!  I love these old wax packs, thanks brian

Ok now for the story as to why I was so happy to get this figure.  I had this figure when I was young.  I loved Darkwing Duck and one of the reasons was because I loved Megavolt.  Don't know why, but I really liked the character, he was zany and he dealt with electricity.  The figure sparked, and I had never seen anything like that (I missed out on Blackstarr some how and didn't realize this was a feature of some of those figures until much later!)  It was odd that it came with any accessories though because he couldn't actually hold them. . . 

The figure became hard to find in stores after I had mine.  And a friend had been looking for it but instead got a new Star Trek figure (laforge) which was new on the shelves at about the same time and it was a cool figure too.  lots of accessories lots of stuff.  I liked it a lot too, and my friend convinced me to trade him for Megavolt, and I regretted it as soon as the deal was done.  Hind site is 20/20even when you are a kid and you JUST made the trade!
To be honest I hadn't thought about it a lot since I have been seriously collecting and such, but when I saw it at cool and collected I had to pick it up!  

So, Thanks Brian, I am glad to add Megavolt back to my collection! 


  1. Awesome that you were able to reclaim this lost piece of your youth Ashley and those old Topps Mars Attacks and Dino Attacks really had some awesome art work.

  2. This is a great figure! He looks awesome. When Brian put that up, I was going to inquire about it, but I saw you beat me to the punch! :) I need to get me a few of those When Dinosaurs Attack cards as well(the whole set, plus some unopened packs). I can't believe that those cards were not outlawed at my school. Can you imagine a bunch of 3rd graders trading these cards nowadays?!

  3. Megavolt was my favorite villain of the Darkwing cartoon (second favorite character: Darkwing's daughter (I can't remember her name!). What freaked me out was that Darkwing looked totally different without his hat. With no hat and no cape he was just another duck.