Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The League: Movies to make you cry!

This week the League has asked us to man up and talk about the movies that make us cry!  I've been laboring over this League post for three days now.  Not because I am too many to admit that I cry at movies, but instead, because I cry at so many movies.  Strangely I am what I like to call a happy crier.  I tend to not be moved by sad stuff in media, but when something happy or good happens, I get all choked up.  So weddings, unsuspected romances. . . you know all of the sappy things.  I usually hide my sobbing with a smirk and a laugh, the the wells of tears near the bottom of my eyes usually clues in my wife!  I suppose I am a hopeless romantic deep down . . . under the exterior that just likes movies with Lazer guns! 

That is typically how it happens.  But there are times when characters move you to do things that you normally wouldn't do.  Transformers is one of those movies.  The emotion in Optimus Prime's death scene is so intense.  Especially for a cartoon geared toward kids.  This was harsh and I can't even begin to remember what I thought of it as a kid.  Now, however I get a bit choked up.  This is one of the few cartoons that really pulls the raw emotion of a death scene.  Prime was so important to so many kids of the time so the emotion almost feel generational!      

The great thing about the movie is that I get a chance to have happy tears at the end as well.  as if out of the wind the voice of optimus prime calls out "Arise Rodimus Prime."  This part is also powerful and really pulls my typical hopeful tears!  There is a power and emotion in the hope of the future left in this scene that just makes me tear up!

Of course there are plenty of other movies that pull tears from me, such as Secret of the Sword, Princess bride.  Happy Movies!

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  1. I couldn't agree w/ your choice more!! Funny how the reaction of Prime's death basically saved Duke's life in the Joe animated movie!

  2. This along with the death of Iron Hide and crew put me in tears and warped my 5 year old mind, so sad.