Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Beast Below

Ok, so I figured I would continue the trend I started last week and share my thoughts about the newest Doctor Who episode. The beast below starts off with a cliffhanger, and is very interesting. You get to see what appears to be a school on the the starship UK and a strange system of punishment for not doing well at school. It was intriqueig and had the hand of Moffat all over it!

Then we see the Doctor and Amy. At this point I feel Matt smith is well into the role as he is really fitting in well with the part. There is a bumbleing inocence to him, and it is very remenicent of Patrick Trouton. He's a genious but you wouldn't know it from looking at him. Amy is still wide eyed and doesn't know quite what to expect, BUT she jumps right into the action.

Once they land we get another "what am I missing scene" similar (but not identicla) to the one that we got last week. The doctor seems to have an answer to every question that is asked including where people are going.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Amy is fearless, actually doing things that the doctor usually does when she decided to not be kept out by a keep out sign. This seems odd to me as to why she would not be a little more shell shocked than she is. and now we begin to see more of the mysterious smilers.

SO that is a rundown of the first bits of the episode. Now I want to share some thoughts about the show.
You meet the smilers but you never really find out their purpose.
The video that amy saw of herself is never explained (I suppose it was faked)
I quite liked the idea of the queen however it never really talks about ehy she made to slowly age.

There are things like this that really didn't make a lot of sense to me.
Things to think about.
They are keeping this theme of looking at every thing, when the camera pans into an eye and then you see things that are important, it feels CSI to me, and I'm not sure where they are going..
I am still not sure where they are going with amy's character, but I am sure there is an arc dealing with her.

Things I liked.
The TARDIS being thought of as a ship again.
The next episode starting in this episode.
Winston Churchill calling the doctor on the TARDIS phone.
Amy saving the say and seeing things the doctor didn't (Is this a hint to her arc)
Matt smith filling the shoes nicely
Liz10 I like her interesting twist.

I think it is a good episode but I would have liked a bit more explination of what was going on I felt like there were a lot of little things left out, perhaps for time reasons.

I'm sure I will think about more issues on a second watching but this is just a first impression.


  1. It's Rachel (of Kim and Rachel, in case you were wondering). I thought this episode was quite good. While they didn't go into the whole "now the Doctor will explain everything" moment that was typically seen in RTD's era, Kim thinks that maybe they had come in contact with alien technology via Torchwood.

    Otherwise, can I just go ahead and say I love Moffatt's writing. Instead of RTD TELLING us that Rose was awesome, amazing, etc, Moffatt just SHOWED us Amy doing something amazing. Imagine that!

    I also like how she balances the Doctor. The same concept of Donna being the person there to stop the Doctor, without beating it over the audience's head.

    I have great hopes for the dalek-as-WWII-weapon episode, although they've become a bit comical, thanks to Daleks in Manhattan.

  2. I agree, I just find it interesting that it appears that Amy is being presented as the Doctor's Equal. I'm down with that, but I still think that AMY is very important to the arc this time around.