Sunday, April 18, 2010

Victory of the Daleks. . .

To continue my Season 5 series of reviews I am going to take a look at Victory of the Daleks. This story jumps right in where the teaser from last week left off. . . well actually about a month later.

For me the first part of this episode feels like a Dalek story of old. Which think is wonderful. You have some Daleks that have a plan, and they do some very interesting things to keep it going, serving humans tea. The acting for me was solid, and on par. Nick Brigs is perfectly on as the voice of the Daleks.

Matt Smith is beginning to slip into the role for me. This episode slips between Troughton and Davison style of the doctor. You also see an intense Hatred from him for the Daleks, that I am not sure we have seen the like of before. Smith is very good at portraying the emotion of anger. The intensity of the scene when he breaks down and confronts the Daleks is great.

Amy's charecter stays as it has as well. She is mysterious. She doesn't know the Daleks even though the Doctor feels she should. Once again Amy seems to have all of the answers. I am sure this has something to do with the arc, but I'm not sure where it they are going with it, because at this point sometimes there is no need for the doctor at all, because Amy can solve all of the problems.

I really have no issues with the new Daleks, other than I feel there was no need for a redesign. The story is solid for me as to where they came from, however it does break down for me. The device the Daleks have contains Dalek DNA, which if used properly by pure Daleks would alow pure Dalek MUTANTS to be built from it. Where did the armor come from?

I liked the fact that the Time War Daleks sacrificed them selves for the purity of the race, it seemed the Dalek thing to do.

The Dogfight at the end was fun to watch. The vocabulary that was used was a bit over the top for my taste. but I liked that element of the story.

Winston Churchill was great done well, not too over the top. I think he way he was portrayed worked nicely.

All in all I liked the story. There were some bits that I would have prefered to be tightened up, but I feel it is the best soty of the three episodes we have seen so far. I am excited about going forward with this.


  1. I'm beginning to think the crack in the universes = alternate timeline. In other words, Amy Pond doesn't live in the timeline Nine and Ten fought monsters in. Mainly because the crack appears after they leave. Someone else said maybe the Doctor ripped through the fabric of time since his regeneration was so violent, and the Tardis was falling through space basically uncontrolled.

    I like Matt's anger, it's genuinely scary, while Ten was a bit mopey and emo. It reminds me of Nine.

    The colorful Daleks reminded me of the ones from that Peter Cushing movie! :)

  2. I think its more than just an alternate time line. There are hints in episode one. Look at Rory's name badge. I think that is the Key!

  3. Started great, fell apart. I still don't like the new Daleks. My friend saw them & said "Power Rangers!" Also, I thought the other Daleks were created from Davros' cells? They should be pretty darn pure!

    Why didn't the Doctor just ask Amy what year she's from?