Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eleventh hour and speculation!

I've been pondering over The 11th hour for a while now. I watched it with a mind set that I really like Matt Smith from what I have already seen, and that I REALLY like and trust Moffat. I wasn't let down by a really great Doctor who story, however I feel like I have seen some of this somewhere else.

Right away the Doctor jumps into action, which is strange for a regen story, but it is a great twist and a great introduction to the new doctor, and I believe doctor who in general. I love Amy both young and old amy, and I couldn't help but feel for her, her whole life is grounded by disapointment, and unfortunately the doctor doesn't help things. Through out the history of the show, as much as the Doctor may bungle things up the good guys don't usually suffer for it. Amy has.

This girl is literally crazy, and slightly off because of him. I feel this is a a brave move on Moffats part, and I know this will come into play again through out the series. I think after 46 years Moffat may have broken a mold that even RTD wasn't willing to break. The doctor is Dangerous, and even though that is something RTD started out with he never really followed through. Matt Smiths Doctor is a force to be reconed with, but he has flaws. And with his flaws others suffer.

Now the part that I feel I have seen before. In this story we experience the doctor alwasy ending up at a later point in Amy's life. . . where have we seen this before. . . lets think back to another moffat story: The Girl in the Fireplace. In this story the doctor keeps eunning in and out of Madame Depompedor's life and ends up missing her to take her with him. Moffat also wrote this. I have been very possitive about Moffat and trust him with the property, but I hope that he does not turn out to be a 1 or 2 trick poney. At the moment I don't think he will but I do think this season will continue to be remenicent of Girl in the fireplace.

Based on the first episode and a few spoilers that I know I am going to guess at the rest of the season and how right I end op being at the end.
Spoilers may follow so read at your own risk. . . . .

I know for a fact that The doctor will miss amy again at an awkward time in her life, so I think this may be a theme and am going to predict that he may also miss amy again and show up when she is really old toward the end of the sesason.

We know stonehenge is involved in the finale, and we know that there is something about a Pandora's box of sorts that is already set up in Episode 1. I believe stonehenge is a key to a prison, or is a prison itsself and is about to be unlocked.

I believe we may see some other classic monsters this season other than the silurians. We don't know about the big bad yet, so I think we may see somethig slightly familiar toward the end f the season.

Ok enogh speculation -

I do want to say that I believe that the 11th hour was fantastic and I believe we are in for a great season. There is a new technique in this production, it feels new and invigorated so I belive that we are in for a GREAT adventure this season.

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