Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thoughts on "The Time of Angels"

In my opinion, this may be the best pre-credit sequence we have had since the new series began. There is one thing that for me has always been a favorite aspect of Doctor Who, and that is Space Intrigue. I feel this is something that has been missing from the new series.

I wasn't expecting much from this story. I felt the Angels were kind of done (done well but done) and I also wasn't a big fan of River Song when we first met her, but I have to say this story made both of them a little better for me.

Now that said there were still bits of plot hole, but it felt much smaller to me. I really dig this future church setting that Moffat has created, the titles put me in mind of Warhammer 40K. The future is bright and grim all at the same time. I have to say I like this episode.

Now I think the setting would have been just as cool with something other than the angels. IT has a very predator feel to it, the doctor and his friends are very much being hunted. They have in effect landed in a birthing chamber of thousands of Weeping Angels.

The Mystery of River Song is still there, and there are new elements, She knows Old High Gallifreyan (a good shout out back to the Five Doctors), and hints that River Song is something . . . special. . . but I'm not really sure what that is.

The pacing felt as if the new team has finally gotten the feel of the series, but there are still some very odd moments. River driving the TARDIS is a bit odd. And the "you leave the Breaks on" comment is just out. that's just screwing with cannon for no reason. Amy still has a "I don't need anyone else" moment, which is fine, but we have been showing no past skill set that allows her to have that element, Please keep in mind that she was a "Kiss o Gram" so I do have some problems, but I feel like over all it is a vast improvement to what we have seen the last two three weeks.


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  2. i felt the dead talking was eery but liked it a lot better when it was in River's first episode as the soul trapped in a loop. same effect and different sciences, hmmm...

    i like the church as military thing but as far as the names, don't really see much to make them different from other military "units." sacred bob was a nice chuckle though :)

    i actually liked the tardis riding its brakes cause i do it so often with my tardis car but still love it very dearly...

    there's confusion on how these angels are killing people, and i think that cuts down on the horror. but i did like the ring aspect of watching the angel through the tv screen. i wish it had been written differently with amy forced to stay behind ala gorman and thus she could've seen the angel when the episode is about to end... you want to hold out as long as you can for the crap to hit the fan!

    i still liked the episode but don't really care about the intrigue of river being a double crosser - it's a bit cliche. why not let her have something to believe in, it'd make her a stronger character.