Monday, April 12, 2010

We are a Critical lot of people!

Its funny how things change over time. 5 years ago Doctor who fans rejoiced that their favorite show was coming back. We thought it deserved to come back. That it NEEDED to come back. We complained about the BBC not bringing it back. We got it and we were happy. We were on top again. We had our show. But of course that happyness couldn't last forever.

Doctor who fans like to complain. We are critical of what is given to us. I suppose that tells you something about our mentality. I think the new series is GREAT, but that doesn't stop me from complaining about things that don't make sense, like Tinkerbell Doctor. You have to ask your self what you would rather have. No new Who, or the occasional story that you don't really buy. For the most part the new series of doctor who has been Great, and worthy of the mantle, often times completely going beyond classic who.

We have just recently been introduced to Season 5 and Matt Smith. Of course as is expected there are those of us who are being overly critical. I am one of those. I have been analyzing these new episodes more than I ever have any other story. It becomes cumbersome and I tend to just sit back and enjoy the story. I have loved the past two episodes and I believe they are fantastic stories, but I have had some criticisms, but I hope those criticisms will come to a close once an over arching plot it pulled together.

Doctor Who fans are unique. We are the fandom that likes to look a gift horse in the mouth. I often have to remind myself of those Wilderness years, when there was nothing. I am thankful for this great time in WHO history right now. Where if I want a book or a toy or chocolate shaped like a Dalek I can get it, and that is a fantastic feeling as a fan who lived through the Doctor Who Depression of the 90s

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  1. Oh man, you should be on LJ, there's an awful lot of complaining going on, mainly of the "RTD/David Tennant was so much better because of x, y, and z."

    I hate that people are so destroyed over the fact that DT is gone. Yes, he was an excellent Doctor, but there were many before him, including Nine, which I feel tends to get overlooked even though that's when the series was regenerated.

    I think Matt Smith is putting a lot of work into making the Doctor his own creation, which is what every actor that has played the Doctor has done. People might question his motives, or maybe they are so used to Ten, who felt like more human than alien at times, so they aren't yet used to this shift in personality.

    And the squabbling over small things, like "OMG WHY IS ThERE A PHONE IN THE TARDIS" and then someone will post screencaps from a Nine-era episode. It's like they've completely forgotten what's come before.

    I could go on, but I don't think I will. I am grateful that DT left when he did--I remember him saying something in the press that he could keep on, but it might hurt the show. The fact that he walked away shows how much he loved the show and knew it was time, and it was a fantastic run. And I'm excited for this new Doctor.

    Doctor Who is one of the few shows where they can basically keep going while replacing the main actor. I don't know of any other shows that can do that without being cancelled indefinitely.

    And really, if you're going to talk about a show with plot holes, what about Torchwood? ;)