Sunday, April 11, 2010

K-9 Episode 1

While I was at watching the Beast Below I deided I would also give a watch to the new K-9 series.

Well it is what you would expect. It is a kids show, but not to the quality of say, sarah Jane Adventures, it looks more like Power Rangers. This is an austrailian production and it seems like it airs on the Australian Disney Channel.

There are monsters that can hardly move in their costumes, and robotic police men who leave a lot to be desired. The main characters are young (maybe 16 years old or less) kids who are computer hackers in a somewhat future london. They stumble upon the professors house while he is attempting time experiments. A series of events leads to Aliens coming throug the portal who are some how being pursued by K-9. K--9 is in his original form at this point, he self distructs to save the humans. Of course he "regenerates" and all is well

The quality is rough at best. This is not the BBC or Doctor who, so don't expcect that quality of program. For all of its flaws it is good escapeism if you can stomach the faults of the program.

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