Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Collector Friends are Great to Find!

Yesterday I talked about the show that I did this weekend.  It was a good show, but I would have never been able to do it without my friends Brad and Stacey.  Brad helped us get the spot on short notice, and he offered up his house for us to stay in the night before.  Their Hospitality was so great.

The interesting thing is that I met brad by mistake about a year ago because I bought something at a show that he was going to buy.  From there we formed a great friendship.  that is what I love about the collector community that I have found myself in.  Most people are so kind and excited to help out.

While my brother and I (have I ever actually mentioned that I vend with my brother) were there, we had the honor of seeing the massive museum like collection that these two have acquired.  It was funny because we were trying to find the house and as we passed it my brother said "That must be it.  Its filled with toys!"  And it is, if you have never seen anything like this try to!.

I took a few pictures here and there of their stuff and they have allowed me to share them with you, gentle reader, so enjoy!

Their collection is the way I like a great toy collection it is very eclectic.  These pics do not represent anything near all of it.  I simply took a few pictures of things that stood out to me.  This place is a history  museum and an art exhibit all at the same time!  There is a story to go with EVERY piece in their house.  Such a good time was had! 

This is kind of the center piece of Brad's Collection.  I had seen pictures of it, but until you see this custom REAL LIFE Super Powers card back, you just can't conceive the grandeur of  it all!

Yes those are all Skeletons, and that Jewel thief used to be mine!

And that Conan should have been mine :)

You never know exactly what you will find.  Turn around and there is something new.

 The collections that they have are all great but then you turn around and you see BATTLE BABIES.  This is an independent art toy line that Brad Makes to sell.  They are fantastic.  They are babies with parts from vintage toy lines.  Keep an eye out.  They have closed the store down for a bit in preparation of being at Heroes Convention.  But check them out it will be worth your time!  I will be posting more about them in the weeks to come.   

This is the cart that brad keeps all of his parts and materials.  You never know what you will find in these drawers. 

Put this in your Easter Basket Krulos!



  1. Amazing collection and some fantastic friends! And i want that Skullman and Jewel Thief figures. : )

    1. It is an awesome collection. They do love those Skeleton figures and they fit very nicely into their collection as well!