Monday, March 26, 2012

Thoughts on The Hunger Games!

I'm going to break out of my nostalgic posts for a bit here and talk about something new.  My wife has been really excited about the hunger games movie for some time so we went with some friends to see it this weekend.  I have to admit to that horrible sin of not reading the book before seeing.  To be honest the books did not appeal to me.  I have never been a fan of those lottery to kill people stories. 

I went to the movie theater and sat back in the comfy theater seat ready to see a movie I wasn't to keen on seeing to begin with.  The movie started and I have to say it was hard to watch.  It jumps out of the gate with an art house feel, whith extremely shaky camera motions.   I feared the whole movie would take this direction.  fortunately art house closed and I was pleased to see that the camera movement was mostly used in the form of a story telling device, which did end up working nicely.

There are some very interesting costumes in this movie.  This is another way that they really shaped the word the viewer is immersing themselves in.  They did it right.  The costumes were very evocative for a very interesting world!  The elements of this movie are all there! Everything from costume to camera movements were used to further the story and convey emotion.  I usually don't catch on to those sorts of thing but it was done so well in this movie!
For the most part I felt like the movie conveyed all of the important concepts to a non - reader very well.  I did not feel lost, or feel that anything had been left out to the detriment of the story.  Do I think the book is different or even better. . . probably,  however I really appreciated the movie as a movie and now I will probably follow up with the books, just to be sure I didn't miss anything.

The movie was cast very nicely.  I really liked every actor in their part.  I thought some of the actors were cast strangely, but in the end they filled their roles perfectly.  Actors like Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz really made the movie stand out.  A really outstanding cast!

If you are debating on seeing this movie I say make your way to it!  It's a great movie.  It's a violent movie due to the subject matter, but a great movie!


  1. Glad to read a review from someone who hasn't read the books. I thought they did a great job!
    Some people have a problem with the *spoilers, but not really* sports comentator style...but how else would they let us know things that were only said in Katniss' head.

    1. Actually at first I was kind of turned off by this. . . BUT once I got into it I realized once again It was a story telling decision! The direction of this movie was pretty fantastic!