Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adding the Gym to the Collection: Super Powers Batmobile

I love the Super Powers toy line, I have loved it ever since those heady days of Saturday morning toy commercials  where the kids  would play with their toys as a booming voice would tell you to buy them to tell your story.  Growing up I had three of these figures Superman, Batman, and Robin.  That was it, no bad guys no other friends.  I played with those hard.

Now I have found some more of this line, and I am as fascinated with it now as I was then.  Recently I acquired something that had been alluding me for far too long.  I achieved transportation for Batman and Robin.  The Batmobile from this line is perfectly inline with the rest of the the figures.  Complete with Action features.  The Toys sports a steering wheel and good solid wheels.

I have been looking for a Batmobile in good shape for some time, so when I came across this one for a really good price I couldn't pass it up.  It is a new jewel of my collection.  This is another one of those toys that really take me back even though I didn't have it.  It fits in perfectly with what I have now!    

It was nice to be able to put my Batman and Robin into their car.  It was odd to finally have this piece that I have been wanting for so many years.  Recently I have realized how much I have always really liked this toy line.  Getting a character here or there, whenever I could come across one.  This is the only vehicle I really cared for growing up.  It was joy finally being able to add it to my shelf!  

Take a look at the commercial that I watched all those years ago!

Do you have a toys that has gotten away from you for a long time that you have finally added to your collection.  How did you feel?


  1. I actualy went through Two of these back in the day. One of the perks of growing up in a broken family, Two Christmases!
    Funny part is that I didnt have Batman or Robin to go with it; Superman, Flash, Hawkman, and Firestorm I did have however.

    1. Firestorm is another figure that got a way from me for a long time, He is a fantastic figures and one of my favorite of the line!