Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marvel's Secret Wars Spiderman

Marvel Secret Wars Spiderman
When I was a kid I had the Marvel Secret Wars Spiderman.  Until much later that was the only figure of the line that I had.  I loved that figure!  I played with it hard.  I wasn't even a big spider man fan but the toy was so much fun to play with.

This figure really sparked my love for the whole line, which is now one of my biggest collections.  In the midst of that collection though still stands MY Spiderman.  The one that I swung from pieces of thread as a child.  He has remarkably stood up very well.  Many times when you see figures from this line they have a lot of paint ware, mine just has a little ware on the feet and eyes, but that is it.  It is a striking figure, even now. 

The simplicity of the figure is what I love.  I pretty much judge all 3 - 4 inch figures on that Spiderman (and the rest of the Secret wars Line)  I don't feel a need for high articulation, I just want a toy to capture my imagination, feel good in my hand, and be fun.  This Spiderman did that!



  1. I will never forget my first memorable toy - Olympic teddy bear toy. I no longer have it and i wish i had. Check us out for self adhesive Spiderman stickers.

  2. Very nice! I have this Spiderman too and it's one of my favorite figures! It is by far my favorite Spiderman action figure to date. I really enjoy the simplicity and the sturdiness of it. What a great figure. I'm still trying to get a hold of the Black-suited Spiderman...

    1. Christopher,
      I don't have an extra Black Suited spiderman, but I do have several of the other Secret wars figures if you need any of those. I will be on the look out for a black suited spiderman if you would like, I come across them from time to time!