Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Netflix Gold: American Scary

This week the goldmine that I have found is another documentary called "American Scary." The film is a look at the history of the horror host culture.  There are interviews with such classic hosts such as Zacherly and Vampira.

The Horror host culture hit close to where I live with the much loved, Dr Shock, in the Chattanooga area.  Doc Shock has recently been revived in the area and has turned over quite a bit of respect locally.

I was never properly indoctrinated with a horror host as I was growing up, but I did have Mystery Science theater which is in the tradition of the horror hosts.  This movie really showcases some of the most classic hosts from around the country.  From Texas, to Ohio (Ohio was and is a hotbed for these hosts!) to New York, "American Scary" presents them all and their story.

The movie also includes several current hosts who are well known around the country, due to collaborations through the internet!  Neil Gaiman even chimes in with his thoughts on the matter.

This is another goldmine of a documentary if you are interested in pop culture, horror, or bad movies it is such an interesting culture to get involved with!  Find this one if you can it is well worth the history lesson!

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