Monday, March 12, 2012

The Leugue Week 5: My Hollywood Blockbuster!

I am going to try my hand at the latest assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, which is to create a super cast for a movie.  I am going to try.  Let me preface this with the disclaimer, that people rarely agree with me about such things but I am trying to think outside of my box. . . Kind of!

As, I have written about on this blog before, I love Space Opera.  The Space Epic movie is an art form that, in my opinion, is all but lost.  This is the kind of movie I am going to attempt to cast.  An epic sweeping space opera.  First I will talk a little bit about my thought process here.  I started this process by thinking about some modern sci-fi, superhero and fantasy actors that I felt could fill the niche rolls needed in a space epic.  

Now it will become apparent that the niche rolls are going to resemble those rolls of Star Wars.  Temember Star Wars, for the most part, was filling niche rolls!

The Hero :  Elijah Wood.
Elijah filled this roll in lord of the rings very well, but he was surrounded by other people being the hero as well, I think he would fill the hero that goes full circle in a way that would make Joseph Campbell very proud.  He has the look of a hero with wonderlust, which in a way would be a different kind of Charcter than his Frodo was, at first, reluctant.  This character would yearn to leave, and I believe Elijah has what it takes.

The Scoundrel:  Hugh Jackman
The Scoundrel needs to have a journey someone that doesn’t want to be trusted but every one knows he can!  Hugh has pulled this off before with Wolverine.  I think Hugh would make a very good companion for Elijah as the hero.  He could easily take on the roll of the big brother that means well but tends to think either about reward - or perhaps what a princess has to offer.

The Pilot:  Will Smith
This one may be a bit out there, but I think in a movie of this sort you need humor, and when Will smith gets it right he gets it right.  The subtle humor that he can portray is great.  He would be perfect for a quirky pilot who was always fixing and hitting his ship.  Perhaps even a Captain. . . of a ship.

The Brute/ Soldier : The Rock
Though I typically am not a huge fan of the rick he plays this roll very well, for the kind of movie I am thinking of I can think of no one else.

The Wise Old Man: Ron Glass
Ron, Played this roll in Firefly, and later Serenity to a T.  I can think of no one else to fill this roll in my space Epic

The Female: Felicia Day
OK so this is coming from the Nerd Vote here.  Not a huge screen actress she would bring a crowd to this kind of movie.  and at the same time would love doing it.  I think she would also be able to bring some humor into this!

The Big Bad:  Ian McKellen
OK, at this point you are thinking I am just pulling people from Lord of the Rings and the X-Men. Don’t worry . . . it gets worse.  I want to see Sir Ian be the big menacing bad guy in this story.  The one that you rarely see but is menacing.  his name makes you fear, and when you do see him on screen you, the viewer is scared.  I know this is a far cry from other rolls we have seen him in, but I think he could do it!

The Lacky:  Tom Hiddleston
Often time the lackeys are equaling as menacing as the big bad. Tom, really showed his acting abilities in his portrayal of Loki in “Thor.” There was always thought, and calculation behind his eyes.  Every move he made on screen was calculated, both by the character, but also as tom, as an actor.  He would be a lacky that had higher desires.

Villainous Woman: Karen Gillan
I have no reason to believe Karen can play a villain, but I had to include a Who actor in here somewhere and I think she would be a great foil for Felicia Day.  being able to wave the jealousy card around for who ever the felicia Day character Percieves as her love interest.

Grizzled General: Michael Dorn
Having played Worf on Star Trek the Next Generation, I think Michael could play the tired old military man very well.  He is an important official who has seen enough action and is still in control!

CG and Alien models: Andy Serkis
There is no one better at this, unless of course we went with the Muppet Factory and in that case I would be remiss not to include . . .

. . . Frank Oz, just because

There are several other people that would probably need to be in this list as well, but I think I have fleshed out the main characters.  Although I am still trying to fit Nathan Fillion into this line up.  Lots of other niche rolls to fill though, so I am sure there would be a place for him.

As I said earlier this is not the kind of thing I typically think about, but it got me thinking and I have really enjoyed playing with this in my head!

Enjoy, let me know your thoughts.  Who would you pick to cast in a space epic?

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