Thursday, March 22, 2012

World's Fair 82 Souvenir Book

Recently, while helping my parents relocate in order to have their house repaired came across something interesting, that strangely I had never seen in their house before.  Stuffed away in a cabinet was "Souvenir Book" from the 82 World's Fair, which took place in Knoxville TN.

I knew my parents had been to the fair.  Heck, I knew I had been to the fair (there are pictures of me there) but I had never seen this book and for some reason I am intrigued by this pamphlet of self promotion. 

The book is little more than a book that showcases some pictures of the fair and tells a little bit about some of the exhibits.  Of course it features the Sunsphere prominently throughout the publication.  The Sunsphere being the centerpiece of the the Knoxville event.       

I went to school in Knoxville so this book has that meaning to me as well.  Recently the city has put a lot of money into reviving worlds fair park and giving it a new life.  The Sunspear is still the center piece of the area, and rightly so.  It is an impressive piece of architecture and is a symbol, not only for Knoxville, but for all of Tennessee.

This book connected me with the 80s and my childhood in a way I usually don't look for.  I spend most of my time finding toys from the era or watching cartoons.  Finding this let me jump out of my comfort zone a bit and look at the world of 82 in a way separated from my normal pop culture. 

 (The World's Fair was an event that happened yearly around the world where companies and world travelers would congregate to share ideas and connect on an international level.  New ideas in science and technology would be showcased.)  

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