Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend we dis the second show of the season.  I only found out about it a few days before and was in a rush to get set up for it.  My friends Brad and Stacey (the Geeky Vixen) helped us so much to get going with this show So a big shout out to them.  I'll have more about the visit with them later this week.  The show was actually for a charity.  All of the proceeds of table sales etc goes toward the children's miracle network.  I was happy to be involved.

The show was fun.  the room was big and there was a bustle of activity going on as we walked in and people were hurriedly setting up tables of comics and toys and anything you can imagine.  One of the coolest parts about it was that I could drive my car right into the building to unload. There was a lot to unload, Actually I probably shouldn't have legally been driving with the car packed that full.   

With Brad and Stacy's help we quickly got the car unpacked and started setting up the table.  we actualy had so much stuff we had to get another table.  So that we would have enough  room.

 Here is our table all set up as the show was starting

We brought our new set of products.  Some G1 Transformers that we recently acquired.  we did sell a few of them, but these are our higher priced items!   We didn't sell too many of them,

What did sell though was our loose stuff.  People love the loose stuff.  That is what we sell the most of as well, and we have to get quite a bit more stock now after this show.

 This is an after shot that was taken near the end of the show.  We had a lot less.  What amazed me was the number of people who wanted to buy whole lots.  We sold whole collections of G I Joes, Ghost busters, and a large number of MOTU and TMNT stuff.

There was of course lots of really cool things around the show that other vendors had. 

This is an awesome custom that an artist at the show had done.

My friend Shannon always has some awesome new stuff!

Comics Old and new could be had.  I actually bought my first high priced comic.  More on that later.

I almost pulled the trigger on this, it was a cool find and I really wanted it

Over all the foot traffic of this show was OK,  it wasn't what every one wanted, but the people that did come was buying.  and they were buying some awesome stuff, and were getting some great deals! 

 You never know what you will find at these shows.  And it was a great show to see what you would find.  If you have local shows in your area please support them they are always awesome to go to!

I'll have updates on some things we picked up later this week.


  1. Great recap. I wish we had more shows around here. I love those Nutty Mads!

  2. Man i would of loved to have been at this. : )

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah i wish Michigan would get shows like this but for some reason we don't at least for now.

    2. You should try to find people and help get a show going, that is how all of our shows have happened, someone wanted to have a show so they did it themselves!