Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Playing around with some Action Figure photos

So I am taking a cue from Brian at Cool&Collected and trying to take some more creative pictures of some of my action figures.  I'm still just using my light box, but maybe I will make it to begin to use backgrounds.

Last night I was going through my action figures and I found my forgotten Crystar figures laying abandoned at the bottom of a box.  I thought I would give them something to live for!  Here are some shots using those Remco Crystar figures which is a line that does not see as much love as some of the other lines of the 80s, but they are still cool!

Both of these pictures were taken with my I phone and ran through the instagram app.  I like the depth that those filters give, especially in the light box!

It was hard to get Moltar just right!


This is my favorite of the pics I took!

These figures are a lot of fun to play with light with, especially the good guys as they are all opaque!


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