Friday, April 6, 2012

Remember that Toy? Wheeled Wariors

I love those lines that are are a little off!  A little different and some times forgotten with time!  The Wheeled Warriors was one of those lines that got aways from me for a long time.  essentially it was Vehicles with removable parts that could be interchanged.  these parts includes saws and missiles and claws, and drills, and many other things.  The good guys were modified mining vehicles and the bad guys were biological vehicles.

The line was put out by Mattel.  It was a cool line, and had some neat concepts.

The line was loosely based on a cartoon series called Jayce and the wheeled Warriors.  It was totally 80s (complete with main character with skunk stripe) but the toys did not capture that coolness!

Take a look at the intro from the show!


  1. Awesome toy line and a sweet cartoon that takes a little from Star Wars when it comes to its characters but that's it charm. I have a great story about one of these toys i will have to share sometime in the future.

    1. I loved this toy line but never had any as a kid. Would love to hear your story though!

    2. Well to keep the story short i was visiting my friend's parents with him when we saw a Wheeled Warriors toy complete and brand new looking sitting on there dinning room table and it was years after this line had long been gone and we could not figure out where it came from. Found out it was in there basement mint in box and his mom got it out, opened it and gave it to my friend's 6 year old nephew! We scrambled to the basement to find more but no such luck but we did find a old Fairchild F video game system however which was neat! I still groan at the thought of that glorious unopened toy being opened by my friend's mom and nephew but at lest it was for a child to play with which is what it was ment for.

    3. Oh man that is a fantastic story!

    4. Me and my friend talk about it still to this day.