Monday, April 9, 2012


It is officially show season!  There is just something about the atmosphere at a toy show!  The wheeling and dealing.  The thrill of finding that GREAT piece.  Seeing old friends.  they are such a blast to go to.  This weekend was the Knoxville Toy and Comic Showcase.  I went there as a vendor.  My brother and I made  a decision to be start vending to fund out own collecting.  This is only our second show, but I am so glad we chose to be a part of this event!   
Walking into the room at the beginning was a bit unnerving.  Seeing the hustle and bustle of the incomplete show floor which was actually pretty small.  We found our tables and began the arduous task of pulling in our numerous totes.  At first I was afraid we may have gotten too much space, but as the boxes started emptying out we realized we had too much stuff.  Our tables quickly began overflowing and the show was about to start!

My brother and our table
Our table was just inside the door, in a way it was the first thing people saw as they came into the show.  we deal in lots of loose vintage stuff, as well as some new stuff here and there.  You never know what you will find at our tables.  We usually have a spattering of knockoffs, Motu figs, Mask, Turtles, GI Joes (which we are about to have more of, but more on that later), Transformers.  If you want it there is a good chance something is represented!

Some of our boxed stuff

More stuff!

All of the vendors had great stuff!  Everything from Star Wars to Mego,  movie monster to comic books.  You name it it was probably represented! 
some carded figs


Loose stuff always is a good bet!

Indiana Jones!


Chuck Norris and the Karate Commandos! 

All of the people that came in were so friendly and eager to talk to you.  I have found that if you are friendly to them they will be friendly to you.  So that's what I do, I try to help them find what they want.  If that means sending them to another vendor's table then that is what I do!  People like that.

One of the down sides of being a vendor at a show is that you don't get a lot of time to actually walk the show.  you have to be at your booth.  One of the upsides of having two of you at the booth is that you get to take turns walking the show and talking to the other vendors. . . and making deals.

We got some very good trade at this show.  People like to change up their merchandise so if they have been carrying around a tub of stuff for a few shows they may be willing to part with it for just a little trade.  We made a few deals like this.  Much of it hasn't been sorted yet so I don't have any pictures of that, but I did score about 3 bags full of GI Joes that I am trying to piece together and identify to get them ready for the next show.
Just some of the trade stuff we got!

It was a great show, and a great vending experience.  I can't WAIT for the next show! 


  1. That looks like a great show! You have an awesome variety of toy lines, and i would have definitely spent some time and money at your table.

    I'd be curious to know what you were asking for the Mumm-Ra's tomb, only because I've had one in my online store for a while but no one has seemed interested. Mine's priced at $75, which may be too high?

    1. I actually sold Mumm-ra's tomb. I got $50 out of it. Which was a really good deal. That was a piece I really wanted to try to sell and I did!

  2. Man i wish we had toy show in Michigan but we just don't! But that is how it is for the moment at lest. Also i might have to see a list of your sale/trade stuff sometime i might be interested in some of your awesome collectibles/toys/goodies. : )

    1. Right on man, Let me know what you are looking for. I think I accidentally sold the Sgt rock I was going to get to you. . . BUT I should have another one and some of his friends later this week IF you are interested!

    2. I am very interested Ashley and i will send you a short list of things am looking for soon. And thank you. : )