Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heroes Convention! What should I look for?

This coming weekend I will be attending Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC for the first time.  In a way I am kind of nervous about it.  You see, I have been attending multi fandom events regularly for about 10 years, but in all of that time I have not been to a true comic convention.  I'm not sure why but I just have never gotten the chance.

A few years back I convinced my wife to go with me to Dragon Con, and that really isn't her thing, but she discovered the art room and really liked it.  We both really enjoyed going around and talking to the artists and looking at the different art and prints.  It was a lot of fun.  From what I gather heroes is like a big version of the art room at Dragon!

So we are loading up on thursday and making the trek.  5 hours.  This is the longest I have ever driven to go to a convention, but I have never heard a negative thing about this show.  A lot of my friends go every year so I figured I would be remis not to go.

This is the 30th Anniversary of the convention, and the guest list is a who's who of the comic industry.  There are both Mainstream and independent artists, writers, and creators.  The list includes Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Walt Simonson.  The list goes on and on.  I am really excited to have the chance to participate in this show this year.  I think it will be worth the drive!

The interesting thing is that I am only recently getting back into comics.  I collected when I was a kid, and I enjoyed them.  I still enjoy  a lot of the characters and writers and artists.  The comic convention is a new environment for me though and I want to come away with some insight.  I want to know what I need to be on the look out for in comics.  Old, New. . . from what I gather if its comic book related you can find it at heroes.

The one thing I know I am looking for as I am always looking for it is old Jack Kirby stuff (mostly 70s DC) but especially the Hunger Dogs New Gods Graphic Novel.  Aside from that I am looking for cool stuff.  I love covers, I find them to really get my mind going when I need to be creative, so I am looking for cool covers as well!

So, my friends, what should I look for, what should I come away with?  Who should I meet?   More importantly are any of you guys going?

For those of you who may be going I want to give you a recommendation!  My friend Brad Rader will be doing the first con appearance for his indie toy line Battle Babies! If you get a chance stop by his table and look at his creations.  He will also have art prints available from the world of battle babies.  It is a great fun line!

At his table I will also have some cards and buttons for this blog, so if you are a fan of the blog please stop by and pick up some of the "Swag" I have created to promote "Life with Fandom.


  1. Oh, how I miss HeroCon! I used to live in NC and went to HeroCon every year. In the early days my friends and I would all pile in a car and just day trip it, driving home that night with a car full of newly bought comics and toys. Later, I would actually spend the cash on a hotel room at the convention center for the weekend and really do it up right. That's where I once had dinner and drinks with Joe Quesada and the gang, scored a Conan #1 for $10, called Todd McFarlane an asshole to his face and hooked up with a girl in a Vampirella costume, all in one weekend!

    Have fun, man!

  2. I've been going to the HeroesCon for years now and it's one of the best shows period. It's changed over the years so fans of pop culture in general find something up their ally. At the heart of it though is a very personable comic show where you can interact w/ the guests all while finding some great deals.

    My wife is going back w/ me for the first time in a couple of years and while it isn't her sort of thing either I think she is looking forward to it in her own way.

    I'll have to keep my eyes open for the Battle Babies table so I can score a cool button!

  3. Can't go wrong with Kirby related stuff and i like Ditko too so i know i would be looking for things from those two.