Monday, June 11, 2012

The Oncoming Storm and the Father of Doctor Who Non-Fiction

One of the many projects I am involved with is a podcast called The Oncoming Storm.  It is a podcast about Doctor Who Spinoff media, such as novels and audios, we don't talk about the TV show as a main topic, but we do some comparison from time to time!  It is a fun podcast.  My co-host, Josh Wilson  and I get the chance to talk about things we really like, and something really cool happened this past Saturday.  We got a chance to speak to Jean Marc Lofficier.

Jean Marc Lofficier has been a name I have known for many years.  He has written many of the most important bits of Doctor Who non-fiction, such as the Program guide and the Nth Doctor.  Of course his work doesn't stop there, he has written about Star Wars, Star Trek, the Twilight Zone.  He has even written for DC and Marvel Comics.

For me, talking with Jean Marc was magical.  This is a man who, in a way has been a hero to me since early in my fandom experience.  His books are some of the things that took me from liking a show, to being involved in the fandom around it!  So getting the chance to speak with him and ask him questions was great, especially since he lives in France.  It was really cool that he gave his time to us for such an interview!

I don't want to give too much about the interview away because I want you to listen to it, but he gives some great insight into the early days of Doctor Who nonfiction and the feelings about it at the time, as well as pop-culture and Sci-fi non-fiction as a whole. 

This episode of the podcast  will come out in two weeks, in the mean time you can catch up on some of our other episodes if you are interested in Doctor Who fiction or non-fiction.     

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