Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The League: Patriotic Pop Culture!

This week the League has called again!  This time we write about our favorite Patriotic Pop Culture in honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday for those of us who are in the United States.  at first it seemed like a tough question but then I remembered a few things that fit the bill.

The movie that really tugs at my patriotic heart strings is Independence Day.  Of course the name was a play on the 4th of July theme anyway, and it came out very near July 4th (the internet is telling me it was july 2 1996 but I seem to remember it coming out on the 4th of that year.)  

It is your typical alien invasion movie, kind of a play on War of the worlds in a way, nothing too speacial.  But it is many things within that.  As I have already stated it tugs at being a patriotic film, and an alien movie.  It also has spots of dark comedy, and light comedy, and in a way it is a buddy movie with Jeff Goldbloom and Will smith going to destroy the alien invaders.  

The patriotic part though is near the end when Bill Pullman's character ( the President of the United States) delivers a speach that will tugg at the heartstrings of any american or even any citizen of the world.  It is a kind of We will fight for what is ours speech.  It is a great speech.

When I saw this movie I really liked it.  There was something about it that popped for me.  It was about aliens, it had Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom, it had laser guns, and a decent story.

There were a lot of stories in this movie.  Stories of redemption with Randy Quaid's character and many others.  Stories of family.  In a way it's a morality tale!  But it does the job of being a great patriotic movie even if sometimes that was just for a gimmick!

I would be remiss if I did not at least bring up something I picked up this weekend at Heroes con, since it can lead into this topic!  I picked up a book called American Barbarian which is actually from a web comic by Tom Scioli!  This thing is fabulous.  I mean look at that red white and blue hair!  you can check it out over on Tom's website! 

Watch this spot to see what others leaguers have to say.

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  1. This is a great movie! One of the only times I went to see it twice in theaters. And the speech is fantastic(gets me a little misty)! I bought this(again), on DVD on black Friday last year for only $1.96! It doesn't look so good when it's played through a Blu-Ray player on an HD tv though. So it looks like I'm going to have to track it down on Blu-Ray. I bet it looks awesome!