Thursday, June 28, 2012

80s toy awareness update.

80s toy awareness month is winding down.  June had been a crazy busy month and I am still recouping and I still have a few posts I am working on so, there may be a few lingering 80s toy awareness things coming out next month as well.  I have had a good response to it.  Last week I announced our winner for the contest and this week I want to share with you a picture of Jason with the prize!  I'm glad you enjoyed them Jason!

Check out the review Jason did of the figures over on his Blog

Stay tuned for more 80s toy awareness posts and also a few new little things I hope to finish up soon!


  1. Thanks for the plug! :) And they are super awesome figures(one of my friends got a kick out of them). And it looks like I need to shave! Damn I'm lazy!