Friday, June 15, 2012

80's toy Awareness Month Contest!

Yesterday I was a bit out of pocket.  Things have happened in the last week not limited to a leak into my living room that have made me be forced to miss a day.  Unfortunately that was the last day of the 80s toy awareness month contest.  So, I am extending the contest until this Sunday, June 17th, and I will announce the winner on Monday June 18th.  So, you can keep getting those memories into me until the end of the weekend.

I have to say I have had a great response to this contest, some great memories, from Getting GI Joe Play sets to playing with Other Worlds figures!  Even some Atari Goodness thrown in there as well!  So a big thank you to all of those who have participated so far it has been a joy to read your responses and have some back and forth with you!  I always love to share my love for 80s toys!

I am very excited to see what entries will come in between now and next Monday!

Thanks again to every one who has been involved with the contest!

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