Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The League: Kurt Russell

As it does every week the League has called and I must answer it's call.  even  when that call is a bit abstract!  This week we write about Kurt Russell!

I first became truly aware of Kurt Russell when I was in about 7th grade.  I heard about Stargate.  I loved the idea.  I had always loved Egyptian mythology and for some reason the concept reminded me of Doctor Who.  My Dad also was into this kind of thing and therefore he was easy to convince to take me.

I think I was looking for something that was american that my friends would get into since I couldn't get them into Doctor Who.  I remember telling them all about Stargate and trying to get them into it and even that did not ignite their imaginations.  I think that that was the point that I realized I was surrounded by people who just didn't get it.

I did go to see the movie and I loved it.  To be honest it is the only thing that I have ever really cared about that Kurt has been in.  that is until recently when my wife sat me down to watch Captain Ron!  It is something that is much different from the other roles he has been in!  And I think that movie lets you know hoe diverse of an actor he really is.  I actually got a whole new respect for him with that movie.

I tend to not be a person who pursues movies because of a particular actor, but perhaps because it is a story that interests me. . . or more likely it has laser guns in it!  Kurt Russell however does create a good case!

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  1. Whoa, whoa ...wait. Are you saying that you don't care for Big Trouble in Little China or Escape from New York??? Because if that is what you are saying, I dunno if we can be friends anymore. If you just haven't seen them, then you got some movies to catch up on!

    1. Yes, I mean I haven't seen them, and yes I do have a lot of movies to catch up on!

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  3. I always for get he was in Stargate.

  4. Yeah man, It was a fun movie and he really made it pop for me I think.