Thursday, June 7, 2012

80's toy awareness Month: Prime Evil from Filmation's Ghostbusters

Its 80s toy awareness month and I am going to post my first 80s toy to be aware of.

This is Prime Evil from the Filmation Ghostbuster's line.  These were the other Ghostbusters.   These guys were the ghostbusters I grew up with before I found out about "the Real Ghost Busters"  They were zany and goofy and a gorilla followed them around.  Beyond that everything in their house was haunted and talked to them.  The idea that all ghosts weren't bad was a cool concept.  This was a true Cartoon!

Prime Evil here, was the villain.  He was surrounded by lots of incompetent ghosts who could not do what he told them to do (so pretty much like every other filmation villain.)   The toy actually does him a decent amount of justice with his flowy cape robe, and the colors he has.

The line was produced by Schaper (but there are some figures with the tyco brand on them.)  The toy line is an odd one because typically there is not a ton of value in them, but they are hard to find.    This is the only one I have ever seen at a show.  You can find them from time to time on e-bay but the prices are usually a little higher.

The line was colorful and really fit in with other toys in the 80s.  I remember always wanting some of these toys but never getting a hold of them.  The line was based on a cartoon and most of the characters from that cartoon were represented.

If you get a chance take a look at some of these toys they are pretty fantastic!

Some more info!

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  1. I had a Scared Stiff and Tracy the Gorilla, cool figures in their own right but I ended up with these guys one christmas as my aunt said to me "You love that ghostbuster movie, here you go!" I was a bit confused but enjoyed them all the same.

  2. Would love a few of these myself i just loved to cartoon and the great character designs. I have only ran across one of these figures before in my toy travels and it was Prime Evil but he was missing his robe(which i hear is common)and i could not find the seller of it and i had to leave so no figure for me that time.